1970 charger r/t forza 6?

How do u get the 1970 charger r/t ff in forza 6

I bought yhe movie fast & furious 7 but i didn’t get the charger 1970 from dominic how do i get him now ???

Did you buy it before September 21st? If so you should receive a message in your XBOX messages (not Forza messages).

I didn’t get him but i bought the movie on xbox ???

So a few days ago I was in a public lobby and I saw someone with a 1970 Dodge Charger FF from Forza Horizon 2, I’m wondering about it, like is it a glitch or something in the lines of that, if so I’m also kind-of wondering how to do it?

Firstly if it is a glitch I would not be saying on the official forum that I was wondering how to do it…but its not a glitch.

Google Forza Motorsport 6 Fast and Furious car pack.

If it’s Dom’s Charger (blower out of the hood), you get a code for it from buying Fast and Furious 7 on Xbox video. I’m not real sure if that’s still going on, but that’s how I got mine. No glitch.

I’m pretty sure the offer has long since expired. I seem to remember it having a cut off date that was right before the BluRay release.

See Post #5 ^^^^^^