1970 Challenger in wrong class?

I was looking through the muscle cars and noticed the challenger was in US Street Muscle, wouldnt it have made more sense if it was in the American Racers class with the other trans am cars?


I’d prefer Forza titles start classifying cars within multiple body styles, where appropriate.


Not really, the Challenger they have in the game is an R/T… For it to be more fitting for the American Racers class it would have to be a T/A

Oh yeah haha should have been a T/A though.

I’d love for them to add a T/A and a proper AAR Cuda aswell…
I have no Idea what they were trying to do with the Cuda in the F&F pack… It has the wrong grille and tail lights to be an AAR but it has the stripes lol

Well it was the one used in the movie. They chose to modify it that way for the movie. So Turn 10 didn’t really make that decision.

By that reasoning the Cuda shouldn’t be in American racers either, it’s a Hemi. But as the class is laid out, the cars are there if this car model, the Cuda in whatever trim level, was used there. So, yes, the Challenger is supposed to be there. They got this wrong.

Theres a few cars which are questionable lol

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Yeah, the classification system that they implemented with FM5 is rife with inconsistencies and questionable choices.
Though one could argue that FM4’s “model family” system was too specific, it never had the problems like this system does.