1960 Corvette cockpit reflections

I’m having issues with the 1960 corvette when in cockpit view the reflections of the dash on the windshield are very bright, so bright it makes it very hard to see the track and cars. I noticed it’s just as bad on a sunny day as it is on a cloudy day in the game. So far this is the only vehicle that I have that issue with. It’s so bad I had to switch to the hood cam just to be able to drive. Any one else experience this issue? Is there a way to disable windshield reflections?

Nope, no way to disable. It is pretty bad in 60’ Vette, lol. However, I could stay in cockpit view & race just fine in that Vette. I just don’t use cockpit view on FM5 because you can’t adjust the seat position. I will be able to do that in Project Cars.

Have you adjusted your TV for Xbox One? In game on FM5, go to Forza Profile. Then go to video. If you can see Forza logo in top box, hit “X” to launch Xbox One TV Picture settings App.

Sucks. They went a bit overboard with reflections. I guarantee you it isnt anything close to that in real life. Any car I’ve driven in real life that is in this game is nothing like in the game. T10, just because you can, doesnt mean you should.

More like don’t over do it. Like they always over do it on sun too.

Reflections on windshield is cool, but they over doing it.