1960 #30 Maserati 61 Tipo "Birdcage" replica

This is my replica of the racing livery of the 1960 Officine Alfieri Maserati SpA Maserati 61 Tipo “Birdcage.” Even though its listed as a 1961 model in-game, this replica is specifically for the 1960 Tipo, which I THINK was produced by Maserati in 1960 for an American racing team. I could be wrong about that because I haven’t done any deep research on this particular car. If someone knows the details and history of the #30 Tipo, please post. I know this car still exists and was documented extensively at the 2009 Oldtimer Grand Prix of AVD.

Anyway, this is shared already so if you like it, then enjoy!!

1960 #30 Maserati 61 Tipo Birdcage

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Looks good mate.