1958 Plymouth Fury, has something changed transmission wise?

So looking on youtube I see the 58 Fury has a 3 speed transmission. However when I race with it it appears to have 5 speeds and sound much different.
Has this car been updated or something or am I just doing something wrong?


Upgrades are applied to the car automatically when it is purchased unless you chose to apply stock parts when you purchased it. Reward cars come with homologated parts fitted and it is very likely that the “street” transmission is installed on the car which gives you a five speed transmission on all cars that come stock with less than five speeds in their gearbox.

To be honest I prefer the three speed as the car has a very wide power band and does not benefit very much from having more gears.

Okay, perhaps a really silly question. Being blind I rely on OCRing the screen quite a lot so I may have missed this. When do I get asked if I want to buy upgrades when I purchase the car? This was bought from the regular old car buying screen and not a reward either.

Sorry if the answer to this question seems really obvious.

Would going to the homologation screen and selecting install stock parts fix this?

First of all, how do you play a racing game (or really any fast-paced video game) if your vision is impaired? Not being mean, just genuinely curious.

Second of all, I believe if you buy a car from the Specialty Dealer or from Driver Rewards, it does not give you the option to remove homologation parts. If you buy a car from the standard menu, it should ask you, after you choose the car and livery, if you would like to purchase with stock setup or homologated.

Third of all, yes. Resetting a car to the default (stock) parts will remove all homologation upgrades from the car.

No offense taken at all. That’s a very valid question.

If I’m quite honest, in this game in particular, the assists are helping quite drastically. I’m likely failing all over the place - but I’m not in this for the multiplayer or how I look. I keep friction assist, steering and breaking set to super easy. The rest are simply set based on how I’m feeling at the time. Some of the cars (71 GTX FF edition) are almost uncontrollable with TCS and stability control off. It’s fun to drag, though, and find optimal shift points for vehicles too. Depending on the cars drivetrain (at least from what I’ve been able to gather), I can kind of sort of tell which general direction to turn by the squealing of tires. It’s a little hit and miss, though, because it’s hard to tell what’s breaking and what side is actually turning. When there’s rain, forget it - but it’s definitely fun trying and is the first racing game I can honestly say I’m thoroughly enjoying.

This is the first racing game I’ve played apart from Rush 2: Extreme racing for the Nintendo 64, whereupon I actually had enough time on my hands to memorize each and every track with each and every car. It was to the point of being able to tell when to turn and when there would be a jump - almost before the person I was playing against was able to see it.
So, this is pretty exciting stuff here and even though, again, I’m probably the worst driver in the game, it’s a very nice bonus to find that it is actually usable, to a degree. I will probably never get enough courage to join a multiplayer race. Nobody would ever take me seriously although it would be nice to grab some of those achievements one day.

I also play Mortal Kombat and other such things - but a lot of it, especially in this day and age, is sound. Stereo sound plays a huge part in how a visually impaired person is able to react to things. Spinning the tires of a car? You can usually tell exactly what side you’re spinning on so you can get a general idea of where to turn (assuming TCS and things are turned off in assists). You can feel it on the right side of the controller, too. Not sure why but AWD cars are a little harder to pinpoint where to turn with. I wonder how 7.1 surround works with that - would you be able to audibly tell if the front or rear tires were spinning?

So, in conclusion, while others might find the assists a pain in the rear, it’s introducing possibilities, while tiny and probably silly, for us folks with disabilities to try something new. This is something I have literally dreamed of for years - being able to actually, finally progress in a career mode of a racing game. And being a bit of a car and automotive nut myself it will eventually be a lot of fun to play with various settings, once I memorize the tuning and upgrade menu.

So - there’s the explanation. I apologize, I didn’t mean to go into that much detail, but I hope it clarifies. I know it’s a little silly - blind guy thinks he can actually play this game. I laugh at myself sometimes too and, as quite a few would rightly point out, it isn’t driving unless you can see the track. At the same time there are a lot worse things I could spend my money on and it’s fun finding my limits and pushing them, as it were.

Thank you. That helps a lot. Will have to see if I can get better OCR on that or sighted help. Some of the menus can be a little hard to read at times. I often find myself having to press A on a car to actually be able to see what it is and the cars don’t seem to be sorted the same as when you’re choosing a vehicle to race, which is a shame.


Wow wolfman1360, that is fantastic! Thank you so much for offering that portal into your life.

That whole post is a brilliant explanation and it really showcases how the assists in Forza (and other games) have really opened up whole new avenues of entertainment for people. I’m glad you have found some enjoyment in this game and I hope you continue to find games that can enrich your life.


No reason for you to not experience multiplayer. Just do it.
I would suggest E and D classes. Cars are a little easier to control and teaches you what lines to run using momentum.
G’luck and have fun.

Thanks for that.
Out of curiosity is there a place where all classes are referenced? The biggest confusion to me right now is the car ‘division’ vs. class, which seem completely unrelated.

You are correct, Division and Class have nothing to do with each other.

A car division is, essentially, it’s homologation rules. All cars in the same division follow the same rules for homologation.

Class is determined by the Performance Index (PI). This is a generic number calculated from various benchmarks of the car. The higher the number, the “better” the car. Basically E, D, and C class are normal production road cars, B and A class are sports cars and performance models. S is super cars (like modern Lamborghini and Ferarri). R, P, and X are racing cars.

Each class represents a range of PI numbers. For Forza 7, I believe the PI classes are as follows:

X-class 999
P-class 901 - 998
R-class 801 - 900
S-class 701 - 800
A-class 601 - 700
B-class 501 - 600
C-class 401 - 500
D-class 301 - 400
E-class 100 - 300

WOLFMAN 1360, All I can say is ----Awesome! Maybe now some of the trolls will have to admit that assists are not just for babies!