1957 Maserati 250F

I started working on a livery for Juan Manuel Fangio’s famous Monaco GP winning 250F (the extent of my painting abilities) and I noticed the Forza version of the car was missing the signature side air scoop. I tried a Google search for other variants, but could only find ones with the side scoop instead of the top scoop. Does anyone know which car this was modeled after?

Juan Manuel Fangio by honusdan, on Flickr]Forza Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio by honusdan, on Flickr]Real Juan Manuel Fangio

In the game it says it’s a 1957 model but it looks like it’s an earlier model with air scoop. Possibly 1954-1955. My expertise is 1960s F1 and Endurance racing cars.

I did manage to find a couple different variations, but none like the one in FM7. The side scoop appears to be in the vast majority. Perhaps the owner of the car that T10 scanned had it modified?

EDIT - After some research, it appears that the bodywork change was related to the introduction of the V12, which I believe was meant to replace the straight-6 (side scoop). Also notice that the V12 version has dual exhausts.

Yeah that’s a weird omission. Well, the car is somewhat less perfect, now, though I still love it to death.

Great find! Thank you!

Of course, the engine specs don’t show in Forzavista, but a visual inspection looks to be a V12 under the hood. According to Wikipedia the V12 was added in 1966. Perhaps a small update could be done to correct the year in game.

I wonder if they kept it a '57 because of what Fangio did behind the wheel in Germany that year. Doesn’t really explain why they didn’t model the right car, though.

Hi everyone,
I’ve just noticed that the 1957 Maserati 250F included in FM7 seems to have a quite different design than the real life ones. It doesn’t have the air scoop on the right side, and features a big scoop on the front instead. Has someone else noticed this? Is this some kind of “special” 250F model?

Can you show a pics of the real car compared to the Forza one? It’s not a car I know so I’d never know the difference.

Are you sure this car has only raced in a single configuration? Because there’s no shortage of models from that time with small variations between each example. Some Ferraris come to mind.

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I know, but I wasn’t able to find any mention of the particular version included in FM7. I could only find mentions about a streamlined version used in 1956, a V12 version built later and a version called “Piccolo” (which also features long exhausts like the in-game model, but has a side air scoop too), but all of them have different designs. I wonder where T10 got the specific version found in the game.

This is the original 1957 model (note the long air scoop on the right side of the car):

And this is the in-game model (no air scoop on the right side and big scoop on the front):

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Already been discussed, the big top scoop seems to line up with the V12 models rather than the side scoop on the straight-six. Still seems to be several different top scoops used at various times, but the car in the Panini collection (link below) looks the closest

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Thanks! Sorry, I didn’t know there was already another thread about that. The version in this link looks exactly the same as the one in the game! I wonder why T10 chose to include this version in the game instead of the more famous version driven by Fangio (if I’m not mistaken, the Fangio version is included in Assetto Corsa).

Sometimes it just comes down to what models they have access to to scan.

According to Wikipedia they were using the V12 already in 1956. So the car in the game could be correct and yet not the same one Fangio drove to victory in the 1957 German Grand Prix.

In the 1957 season entry, Wikipedia does state both variants were used in 1957. It’s possible Turn 10 was allowed to scan the V12 as that’s what the works Maserati drivers were using at the time, considering it was the newest development of that car. Sure, Fangio didn’t enter as a privateer but he might’ve had to drive the straight-6 car for some random reason (driver preference, reliability issues, car availability… it was a much different era).

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I think I’ve just found the place from where T10 scanned the 250F model in the game: the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum.

I’ve found a website page with several pictures of the cars featured in the museum, and one of them is of a 1957 Maserati 250F, exactly like the one in FM7:

Like NeoDragonaut said, V12 250Fs were already being used in 1957, so it looks like the car model year in the game is correct. Also, the reason I think T10 scanned this particular unit in the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum is that there seem to be several other cars also included in FM7, like the 1990 Ferrari 641 F1 car: A Ferrari tour in the Motor Valley in Italy | Velvet Escape

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In the picture you sourced we can also see the Porsche 804 and the Ferrari 312 T. :wink:

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Yeah! Maybe if we take a look at the cars featured in the museum we can guess some future DLC cars, LOL!