1932 Coupe Forza Edition - Major Disappointment

The upgrades (or lack there of) leave you with two options. A class stock RWD (awful car) or AWD S class with all the power but no ability to turn.

There is one tyre compound - extreme off-road
There is one engine which you can add a turbo or supercharger to to max S class.
There are no downforce options.
There are no tyre width options.

So you have a tail happy, no grip, slow RWD off-roader or an AWD drag car with extreme off-road tyres.

I would submit a ticket or request, but it will be as designed.
Yeah, as designed by someone having a cerebrovascular event.


I find the whole existence of the car baffling period, not just because its completely useless. Playground claimed that there would be no pre-order incentives for the game, and lo and behold, there were preorder and exclusivity incentives slapped on that ugly controller.

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But… I like the controller :sob:

I received this car the other day as a gift from the devs and really wasn’t impressed. Went to use it today and it says I don’t have the DLC needed to use the car. Like wtf?

Could be worse. I’ve got three different cars in my garage, gifted by Forza (one might have been from a wheelspin though), all DLC so “no touchy the fishies” ! Thanks PGG. Submitted tickets. Promptly “Solved” (ie. nothing done). On the last one when I replied that no, I was not ready to close the ticket as nothing was Solved, their reply was that my issue is with MS because obviously it is a problem with their Store not delivering on my DLC… except that no, I didn’t buy any DLC thank you very much.

It’s like they don’t even read the tickets. Maybe they run them through their English to German translator first.

Like the one where I reported an issue with Skill Mastery bug for an Accolade and mentioned on the side after stating the actual problem that “oh, and by the way, you have the wrong year of car on the Accolade too”… Yep, you guessed it, they “Solved” the issue with the year of the car on the Accolade being wrong, ignored the issue with the Accolade completion, even AFTER I managed a workaround and provided them same in a followup. And there the issue sits, in the Known Issues list (what is it, 9 pages long now), and still not corrected in the game. Granted it’s a minor bug (the year of the car being wrong, the other issue is bigger and not even acknowledged last I looked)… and I seem to be ranting again. I LOVE this game… (sarcasm there)…

This car is a monster, if u know how to use it. It’s all over the leaderboards of Dirt/CC tracks. Whenever I raced against it, I got completely crushed. Sure, it’s not strong in taking corners but the
acceleration is insane.

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Here, here…!

I’ve set some of my PBs in this car. I actually find it’s difficulty fun. Call me mad. It’s a fun little machine with the right tune.

They basically made so many cars completely useless now… i dont have a clue why, sigh.

Its bad on purpose. Its unobtainable by %99 of the community. Regular De luxe Coupe is better at pretty much anything.


i too find the car absolutely useless. there are plenty of better alternatives to use in it’s class. tbh it was a complete waste of $100 for me. the ugly controller sits inside it’s box in a drawer as i really don’t need it. the only upside is that at least i have a backup controller if one of my other ones decides to give up the ghost.

I really dont understand why you paid $100 for a controller that you find ugly and dont want to use :thinking::roll_eyes:
I bought the controller because i liked it, the car was just a bonus.

I disagree. It is excellent in d class around Goliath, but very few seem to have discovered it. I have the only time in the top 200.

I think you got confused by the ´normal´ 1932 Ford coupe, i dont think you can downgrade the FE version to D class.

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I’m not surprised that I was confused. I was unaware of the car’s existence. Why doesn’t it appear in the Car Collection list?

Love this car. I buy them from the Auction House every so often to have different tunes on each. Probably have around 12 of them now. Undervalued, and not understood well. It’s pretty good when you get the hang of it on dirt and cross country. I wouldn’t bother with drag as it’s not for that. And it’s not going to be anything remotely special on pavement.

It’s an exclusive car only available if you purchase the special FH5 controller.

The color pop emote is the best in game IMO and that also comes with the controller. I have enough controllers and the 35 bucks for the code on EBay is too steep. I’ll just live vicariously through players that have it in races with me.

If FH4 PO cars are an indicator, these will be available in the Forzathon shop after a period deemed fair to those who bought the controller.