19.686 supra tune

Hey guyz im PrankishRock4, I’ve posted two supra FF tunes on the market , one runs a 19.706 the other runs 19.654 at best , you have to launch it at 7000 rpm , if you would like any other drag tunes, hit me up!


This guy makes wicked tunes, defs recommend !

This tune is so quick off the line an alfa could’nt catch me, In the first couple of runs i managed a 19.663, I definetly recommend!!!

I need the gear set up and diff.

I need help tuning my supra
And I have my Porsches I’ve been tuning and tweaking but don’t know what I’m doing

I couldn’t find that tune :frowning:

guyz if you could do me one favour I will make a video showing all my tunes and post it on youtube