1610 Xbox One Preview Build Game Save issue with Forza Horizon 3 - Fix incoming with new 1610 Build

Ahead of the early access release of Forza Horizon 3, some Xbox Preview players in the current 1610 Preview update have run into an issue that impacts game save data for Forza Horizon 3. The Xbox Preview team will be releasing a new 1610 Preview update on Thursday morning (estimated release: 11:00 a.m. Pacific) to fix this issue.

For Xbox Preview users who have access to Forza Horizon 3 prior to the release of this new 1610 Preview update (specifically players in New Zealand and Australia), please be aware that until your console has downloaded the latest 1610 Preview update, you may lose saved progress in Forza Horizon 3.

This issue occurs when reaching a certain threshold of game save data and is impacted saving career progress, saving screenshots, and importing designs from previous Forza titles. Please be aware that when saving career progress this issue will not indicate an error is present, however, upon restarting the game saved progress may be lost.


Thanks for the info Ian!


Thanks buddy

Good to know, thank you for the update.

Does everyone have the preview Xbox preview? Or do you need to sign up? As want to know if it will be an issue for me, I didn’t sign up for any preview.

If you are NOT in the Preview Program, you will NOT be running the test software. You need NOT do anything different.

If you are in the Preview Program, the fixed software will be issued automatically with an update to the Preview Program participants starting today (September 22) to correct the problem Preview Program participants ONLY have experienced.

There is NO NEED to attempt to join that testing.


will my UE copy unlock iv been a preview member for while know

You need to sign up for it, so if you didn’t do anything you’re fine :slight_smile:

Cool thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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Why specifically Australia and New Zealand? Wouldn’t this issue affect everyone?

What time is it where you are?

This is a rolling release, and because of your time zone you’re among the first gamers to have FH3.

It is? Everything I’ve read about the release says it’s based on the US and not by region. I hope it is by region because it means I’ll be playing in 2.5 hours.

Those who pre-ordered will be playing September 23. Those who didn’t will have to wait until the 27th.

If you haven’t already, play the Demo.

I already have the Ultimate Edition downloaded and ready to go. The FAQ says the release is based on the US, not by region. The first post makes it sound like it’s by region. If it is NZ can start playing in less than 10 minutes and Australia 2 hours after that.

It’s region based, midnight local time for everyone. There is a twitter post from Playground but I don’t have the link

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So if i am not in the preview program i am fine right


Thank you for warning us ahead of time Ian.

I’m not in the Preview Program so no harm for me, but it’s good information to heed for those that are in it.

Will this post be updated when the Preview update goes live? I happen to be a member and would like to know when I’m risk-free (I still have to wait 14 hours to be able to play it anyway, bought the game in $ instead of € so I have it a bit later than my friends but at a lower cost).

Thanks but what’s the threshold? Don’t feel like doing the intro again lol :o)