14th barn find doesn't show up

Is anyone else having issues with the 14th barn find showing up? I’ve unlocked everything in the campaign and finished all of the main races/competitions. Am I missing something here? I’ve contacted support, but haven’t really gotten a reply.

One of them is tied to one of the houses. Make sure youve bought them all.

Yes, the Toyota Truck will not pop for me. All of the others were found and completed within the first week. I have all of the houses, and have completed all of the story mode campaigns. I think it is broken.

Does all Houses say owned? Think i’ve seen some people here where it was reset and they had to buy again

All the houses say owned, although the Hotel Castillo only seems to give me the wheel spin when it feels like it.


Ok found it. Do the Baja Expedition again and jump/drive in the water (small waterhole) she is saying “bla think ive seen some barn out there” after that

That worked for me. Thank you for your help.