144hz support?

Is there any way to increase the FPS limit? Just wondering. I know some games are tied to certain framerates for timing/game physics reasons.

The new function does not really help in terms of unlocking the framerate. The game is still capped at 60 FPS even without the V-Sync option. The devs intended to release a patch soon to unlock the FPS but so far there is no sign of it.

Still capped to monitor Hz. If it’s so hard to unlock it, leave it to gamers in .ini files…

The latest patch allowed Apex to work with my G-sync setup. But with game engine still locked at 60 fps, the monitor is only running at 72 hz, which is fine since the game will never exceed 60 fps.

So while the game internally is running at 60 fps, I assume it’s rendering at 72 fps according to the data I’m seeing.