100th Indy 500

Loving Forza 6. With all the history of the cars and racing in general, this gets me thinking… Is something going to be planned for this year’s 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500? maybe have the first winner’s car in the game? I mean there’s more than one from the '30s, why not older? I think the Marmon Wasp would be a lovely addition with its 6-cylinder, 7.82L engine. Maybe something special with the track in-game? an event? Not asking for the whole nearly-7-hour race ya know…
Turn 10?


Ugh. Don’t give them any ideas.

I remember their 24 Hours of Le Mans commemoration event for Forza 4. Circumstances ultimately made it impossible for me to participate, but I still remember reading what they were asking people to do and feeling the big, irrepressible NOPE screaming through every synapse in my brain. And of course they were offering unicorns for it.

I would love an FM6 version of 12 hours of Sebring, The 24 hours of LeMans, The Indianapolis 500 and the Daytona 500.
Mix it up a little. Use 3. Car classes, all racing at the same time. Use modern cars in one race and use historical cars in another.
Create teams of 4 drivers and use driver rotation to ensure each driver spends equal time

Maybe I am a little crazy, but I think it could be done and would be very successful.

Sebring is only 12hrs. Seems last year on FM4 someone organized a Le Mans 24 minutes or 2.4 hour race in honor of the event. I couldn’t even imagine trying to pull off a full 24hrs though even with team driving.

Fixed that! Not sure how I did that, since I have been to Sebring 15 times in the last 20 years… LOL.

The races wouldn’t have to be the full 12/24 hours, just challenging endurance races where a team of 4 drivers would each have to run a certain amount of time/laps.
An 60-90 minutes each would be a good virtual endurance test.

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I know the feeling. I got all geared up to watch the race 2 weeks ago right up to the point of trying to set the DVR to start recording the next day in case I was called away. I was really confused because I couldn’t find it on FS1 or FS2 and had to Google it to find I was only 2 weeks early.

I hope Ford and Ganassi have their act together.

Tora did this - we all had specific 1hr 45min each… - it was pretty fun. Its a challenge administratively to get lobbies started on time and take down all the facts - but I think it was pretty successful.

It would be cool to have a classic track pack with tracks in their original form.

Indy full of bricks, Sebring with hay bales, Le Mans with the original layout and have it be in black and white!


I don’t think any of the classics tracks were in “Black and White” except in pictures.

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Yeah, Project CARS did something like that with Hockenheim and Silverstone original tracks…but I think T10 prefers tracks extant.

Killer Dogma I found a TV schedule on Racer.com

There are times for Sebring which starts on FS1 from 10:00-12:30 Then goes to FS2 at 12:30-19:00 and then FS2 20:00-finish.

Also Racer’s preview by the great Marshall Pruett with IMSA timing and scoring links, spotters guides, IMSA radio and so on.


I’m lucky enough to get to go as a fan this year. Spent many years as photographer covering IndyCar and Sportscars. I shall have a few beers and partake in the burning of a sacrificial couch in turn 7 after or near the end of the race.

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Be careful at the couch burning. I think it was 2012 when someone had one too many beverages and actually “fell” into the fire. I only know this because my tickets came from my brother in law who works the race on an Aeromed helicopter, out of Tampa General Hospital (he is retired now), and I was sleeping in their facility across from the track.

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I think I remember that race because I was shooting it. That and the 2012 Indy 500 were some of the last races I shot before I moved onto real photojournalism full time. I’m one of those people that doesn’t drink a lot at any race (3-4 beers over the day). I intensely pay attention to the race. I also managed to wrangle a pit pass and someone will probably ask me to help organize and edit photos while they go back out and shoot, so I maybe lucky to make it to the infield at some point.

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Well enjoy yourself! I have always enjoyed Sebring. I won’t make it this year, unless something changes, but I will chase the coverage on the TV. It would not be the same without the Falken girls…but I will still enjoy it.

You can also just stream from the imsa site.

For Daytona I kept the stream on all night (slept through a lot) and then switched back and forth to FS during the day. I actually preferred the IMSA stream though as the Radio Lemans team was calling the race and doing it with a proper accent. Maybe I’m prejudiced but its just better in the Queens English and they do appear to know more about the sport and provide much more commentary to the race. FS does a good job of who is in what order, but listening to the American guy just sounds like Nascar to me.

I’m sure there will some amazing endurance and time trial events scheduled…but yeah, I’m really loving FM6 and F1 2015 now for the virtual participation into major motorsports that they allow with each upcoming event!!!

If you’re looking for a definitive answer, you won’t get one until the end of May. Turn 10 typically announce promotions/additions on day of release.

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I think it would be really cool to have the STP wedge Lotus Indycars in the game. The turbine engine would sound so cool!