100K money present from forzahub

Do anyone know how to get 100K money present from forza hub? pls rep. I need to know how
the 100K one

You basically need to complete as many tasks required for each Forza game as you can, to accumulate points. The tasks are listed in the Forza Hub app. Periodically, the system will check completion of said tasks and update your score. The higher your score, the higher the tier you reach. The higher the tier, the higher the rewards. You will get rewards available to you each week. But you must visit the Forza Hub and claim them each time they are available. If you miss a week, they don’t roll over, so you need to visit the Forza Hub each week.

After claiming the rewards, they will appear in-game via the messaging system. You must then “download” the credits.

You should be using the same gamertag to complete tasks and earn the rewards. VERY often, the system is broken for a VERY long time, with stats for older games simply not updating.

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