1000hp Street Car Standing Mile

Let’s lighten the mood of the forums! I have a challenge for everyone to explore: quickest time on Test Track Standing Mile. Here are the rules:

  • Car must utilize original motor and transmission, no engine swaps or playing with gear ratios.
  • Limited to 1000hp
  • All other upgrades are legal along with fine tuning

My personal fastest car so far is the F&F Skyline at 1000hp even that has gotten 21.572s. This is all on honor system, but I’m curious to see what you guys find.

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I like it! I’ll get to work on it tonight.

I’d say the Ultima GTR would probably be the way to go if you can get it to hook; I’ll de-tune mine down to 1000 hp and throw the drag slicks to it and see what it’ll do