1000 Gold Challenge

I’ve been working on the 1000 gold challenge. I’m up to about 940. Do you get anything for getting 1000 medals? I don’t see any achievement listed. I got all the achievements on the way to it such as Ferrari fan and Forza legend.

Nothing but satisfaction - and a higher position on the 1000 club leaderboard. Worth doing anyway.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve set a goal. I will not order Forza Horizon 2 until I get 1000 medals.

I spent all my credits and now have I have 982 medals. I have bought the least expensive cars I can so the only cars remaining cost over 2 million credits each. I have found 3 cars that will give me 18 medals. The total cost is 7 million. I did some street racing last night and won about 1.4 million credits in a little over an hour. I estimate I have between 4 and 5 hours to go before I reach 7 million credits.

Of course, if Turn 10 was willing to gift me some credits, the time would be reduced and they’d sell a copy of Forza Horizon 2. I’d even by the ultimate edition if they give me credits. This is a joke. I know they won’t do this because everybody would then ask but there is no harm in trying.

I guess Turn 10 doesn’t want to sell me the Day One Ultimate Edition of Horizon 2. I wasn’t gifted any credits. I did manage to earn 2.7 million credits in street races and bought another car. I now have 988 medals. Only 12 more needed to reach my goal. I need to earn another 3.1 million credits to afford the cars. I played for about 2 hours last night.I think I’m down to 3 hours more.

If you want to earn credits quicker to buy the more expensive cars to complete the 1000 club challenge, then there is a quicker way but it means doing a specific race in single player mode.

At the Gladstone Cell Tower - Street Race Hub. The second one in is the A class (Rush Hour) Valley Sprint P2P.

I used the A class Lambo Contach or the Audi RS4 Avant - with these difficulty settings:

ABS - off
Steering - simulation
Traction control - off
Shifting - manual
Driving line - off
Cosmetic damage - on
Rewind - off
Opponent difficulty - medium

That’s a bonus of 115%+.

The race takes 90 seconds and you’ll earn a little over 104,000 if you win. From finishing one race to the finish of the next takes about a 4 minute turnaround, therefore in 40 minutes you’ll earn 1,040,000.
For some reason the AI cars heading towards North Beaumont and that last curve don’t do so well and slow down way more than is needed on that medium setting - Easy money.

Oh and if you buy all the regular cars plus the DLC ones you’ll have 1075 medals in total.


I’m just joking here. I know Turn 10 won’t give me anything. It would have been great if they gifted me 1 credit. I couldn’t complain and I’d have to buy the Day One Ultimate edition of Horizon 2.

Thanks for the tip about the race. I do a different race at the Cell Tower. I get about 100,000 and it takes about 2:30 to run it. My total turn around time is between 4 and 5 minutes. I get about 1.2 million an hour. I’ll check out the race you mentioned.

I thought I counted up the medals and there are 1145. This includes the rally add on which I don’t have. I’ll double check this.

I now have 994 medals and need 1.4 million credits to afford the car that will get me the 1000 medals.

To get your medal tally to the full 1145 would include the 7 unicorn cars plus I believe 2 specialist livery cars only available when the game originally came out and no longer available now.

The 1075 tally includes the Rally Pack plus all the other DLC cars. Therefore you’ll notice that most players have stopped at the 1075 level in the leader boards (I think I’m around the 990 mark on the leader board with my 1075 medals). That’s because the Unicorn cars are harder to come by, but I try to win with my pictures in here but have had no luck so far.

I double checked the maximum medals. It appears the most I can get is 1075.

I tried the race you mentioned. I earn money a little quicker with that race. I got my 1.4 million in about an hour. I bought the last car I needed to get to 1000 medals. I am now a member of the 1000 club.

Now I have to decide what version of Horizon 2 to buy.

Congrats and welcome to the club.

I’ve decided to get the XBox One version of Horizon 2. I’ve pre-ordered the limited edition Sunset Overdrive bundle that comes with a white XBox One. So seeing as that’s not out until the end of October all I can do is look at my Horizon 2 day one edition for three weeks or so when it comes out next week.

I decided to go with the Day One Ultimate Edition fro the Xbox one. I know I’d get the VIP membership and I’d buy the car packs, so I might as well buy them all at once.