1000 club for horizon 2?

Are there any hints or anything that this will be in horizon 2 like the first? I loved doing those lists

This was my most favorite feature of Horizon 1.

A much as I would love to see this in Horizon 2, I fear time is running out for it to be included.

I was hoping it would be included too.

It would make sense for Playground and Turn 10 because it would encourage players to purchase ALL of the DLC to complete the challenges for ALL the cars…

This was part of the reason I bought the season pass, because I thought the 1000 club would be coming back…

When i bought horizon 1 it was around the time this came out. I think it was at the end to give people more to do. Was hoping they would do the same for 2… but then i saw there’s still more packs coming so who knows. I plan on getting a one this week and getting the dlc. It would be amazing to have all the cars and do that! Think of the replay value. But then again, there’s a lot more cars this time. Isn’t there almost 300 not counting free ones?

ya Shadow, I loved it in horizon 1.You’re probably right though. I don’t envision that many people doing this with so many cars.

I’m definitely in favor of that!

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I certainly enjoyed the 1,000 club - having a reason to get in and spend a little time with every car in the game. However, I feel the feature was probably under utilized by the gamers and, as a result, I suspect there is no such content in store for Horizon 2.

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I enjoyed this feature too, it was a good feeling to get over a thousand medals.

I really enjoyed this expansion to FH and I hope they do the same in FH2. I had just completed a 2nd or 3rd play through of the game to get all cars and the 1000 club was announced. I got on the leader board at top 50 but I think I am around top 60 now. I could get higher but I need a certain Mustang…

I would love to see the 1000 club feature in Forza Horizon 2. It could have a different name maybe but it’d be a nice addition and I would play it for sure.