1000 Car Challenges Offline?

Ok, so I actually own the DLC, and I have it and the game fully installed on my Xbox One. However, when I load into the game, it says the 1000 club feature is not available. Is the DLC not playable at all even though I own it? Has anyone recently tried to play it on their 360, and if so, did it work?

Has Turn10, or Playground Games, ever addressed legacy achievements before? It really sucks that there are so many that are unavailable.

That’s strange, it worked few months ago.

Achievements are for people who play it on time.

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We’re you playing on an Xbox One or 360 when this last worked for you?

It’s the same game I guess but it was X1 for sure in 4K.

The 1000 Club act as a leaderboard.
Check any camera/radar leaderboard with X to see if the game is online.

If the online features are off, 1000 Club will not work. Just wait some days and try again.

I did 10 medals on Saturday.