100% reproducible Eliminator game breaking bug/cheat

To the developers, I can reproduce this bug 100% of the time which let’s me proceed to the final everytime because people can no longer challenge me. I assume it makes me appear as unchallengeable from their pov.

Rather than post the repro steps here so others could potentially abuse it, please dm me if you want more info


Good catch. I hope they can fix this. Think I might have had this happen to me a couple of times where I couldn’t challenge the other player.

That would be useful for the class 1 car accolade. :grinning:

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I know. Now if we can get a glitch that let’s you fast travel to the finish point, I could combine the two and get the ‘win without a car drop’ accolade. Came close yesterday. Challenged up to a Level 4 and came within 50 ft of winning.

The class 1 accolade is pretty easy to achieve. Took me a couple of goes. Just a matter of starting on the coast, hiding out and then driving in to the next smaller arena, repeat. I recall the accolade without any car drops took me about 4 goes. Currently sitting on 16 wins. Eliminator is pretty much all I do apart from the weekly playlist. Horizon open is just a demolition derby.

Wish I could figure a way to win just once, I’ve played so many rounds and never won, came in top 5, including 2nd place many times… but someone else always is close.

I just want 1 of those accolades, lol I hate Eliminator

LOL. The first win is the hardest. I recall it took me weeks to get my first win then after that it was a lot easier as the pressure was off. It’s really a numbers thing. I get about 1 win in every 30 games played. I usually start in the same place as there’s often car drops nearby. If there isn’t I’ll sometimes quit and restart. If I’m in a level 1 car and get challenged I quit and restart. In most cases you’ll lose unless the other player is going in the wrong direction and you’re going flat out in the right direction (that’s how to get the win accolade without any drops).

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