100 Free Wheelspins?

No mention of a act of goodwill gift in the message section for something that may have occured, so has anyone else had this happen?

Loaded up FH5 for the first time today and went into My Horizon and noticed I had 9+ wheelspins.

Hmm, weird I thought as I normally spin them as I receive them, so went into “WHEELSPIN” to check and there was 115 wheelspins to do.

Not me.

Nope, or me.

Maybe it’s all the missing ones from owning the house finally paying out?

Hope so, because they owe me a few now.


Well, all gone now, so they ain’t getting them back. LoL

Pretty dismal by all accounts and didn’t get any decent cars apart from the 95 Nismo GT-R LM (already had 3) and about 10m in credits.


Nope, not here too… maybe you won the secret Cinco de Mayo FH Festival lottery jackpot early bird prize ! :smiley: Congrats. Collect them quick and run !