100% Completion

Hello everybody,

I have been searching around online to see what needs to be completed in order to have 100% completion and I have been coming up dry. Does anyone have a list of things that need to be completed?


Cish x

2 Finales
168 Championships
All roads, cameras, billboards.
45 bucket list challenges
The 5/6 special races against things like the train and planes.

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Thank you

Do the new porshe bucket lists need to be done now as well - im on 99.2 % and have done everything but for 1 championship (im waiting to get the last car i dont have before i do it) Usually a championship only gives 0.5% - so do i need to do the porshe bucket list as well?

it might just go up by 0.8 intead of 0.5?

I have done everything on the main land except I have only completed 3 of the bucket lists and I am at 99%. The funny thing about that is on storm island I am at 100% and I did not do a single bucket list.