100% accurate designs for famous movie/ tv cars

I have looked at multiply paint jobs for multiple famous movie and/or tv cars and every single one would be missing 1 or more thing to make it 100% accurate, a Herbie paint would look good but would be missing the OFP-857 plate or the rag top, a general lee paint would look good but be missing the Hazzard County plate, I am so tired of downloading a 87% accurate paint job, is you say in the description of your paint job “100% accurate” but you are missing 1 thing on the design your claim is not true

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Do a better job and paint them yourself.

Many cars look stupid with number plates painted on due to the shape of the car bodies. Don’t see why they can’t add customizable number plates with different countries number plates.


I couldnt agree w curtis more…sometimes the only reference you have to go by is a single shot showing one angle of the car and so you just do your best w what you have…maybe ppl should be a bit more reserved about using the “100% accurate” title but that doesnt warrant coming on here and pretty much just sounding like a jerk…:wink:

Hey can some one make a paint for the FAF eclipse that looks like the Eclipse from the intro to Need For Speed Underground plz?

Hey can someone make a paint job for the Fast and furious eclipse that make it look like the Need For Speed underground 1 intro eclipse

Considering your first post in this thread I don’t think there will be many painters who want to paint anything for you


+1 couldnt agree more :slight_smile:

Hey can any one give me a hand with getting some cash for 3 cars the team forza DBS, the audi R8, and a gallardo or a replacement?

Hey i have make a Paint for the 2Fast 2Furious Brian´s Skyline with all Stickers on the Hood and Licence Plate 100% accurate Design, its in my Storbase mfg Gryptkeeper

Brian´s Skyline