100.00.... and no DRIFTING LEADERBOARDS! C'mon REALLY?

I remeber making the switch from playstation to xbox because of FM3. Forza is the only reason I even own an xbox as I am a PC FPS gamer.

Now… I am just disappointed. It has been down hill since FM5 rolled out. I should have never traded in my xbox and FM4 for the the xbox one and FM5.

I dont race, I drift. If you regonize my name you know that is true. I was so looking forward to getting my ML63 back and hitting up mapple. Got her all tuned up and hit a 91k (feel like there is 95k out there). Then I go looking for a place to lay down a recodred lap… nothing… nadda…

I think my xbox will be for sale soon!

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Hedde drugs op?

Burner I’ve been drifting with you for a long time and I can’t agree more that I spent $100.00 on a paper weight I can’t race I don’t race I drift. Why does turn ten take everything from drifters. Especially the top tier drifters almost none of us race too we drift because that’s what we’re good at.



Im thinking we start our own leader boards in the forum. You post a picture of your car sitting before the finishline with the score in the corner. Start a thread for each track. You must have a license plate with your gamer tag on your car.

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I got into Forza 3 when it launched. Mostly did points drifting. Then I found Tandems at the tail end of FM3 and all through Fm4.
There was always the points vs tandem guys out there who had their debates over what was more fun etc etc.

Its a bummer that tandems are mostly died off since people are forced to find their own private matches. But the removal of the leaderboards the last couple titles is also a major bummer. Now nobody is happy lol. Just brutal :frowning:

It’s a total let down. But forzathon and the auctions arent up yet. Lets just wait and see. They have a drift mode in free play. And i find that the physics in this game favor drifting in many ways. I race also. But my primary reasoning for buying this title was its focus on drifting. Release of drift cars in the hoonigan pack is a good hint there will be more focus on this ever growing sport. Lets keep our fingers crossed