10 Year Car Pack on family account

I am unable to use the cars on my sons account, but they work fine on my account.
How do I get them added to his?
They show as purchased, but do not show up under the free cars.


Only the account from which the pack or cars was purchased has access to the cars. To use in a different account, you must buy them from the dealership for credits (or tokens, if you use them).

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I think the account holder that the xb1 is registed have to put xb1 setting to Home. So everyone can use the dlc/game when logged in far as I know, info on xbox support. or have a look on youtube.

other accounts will have access to the cars but as Snowowl said they will have to use in game credits to buy them, they are ONLY FREE in game to the actual gamertag that paid for the pack

you are still getting the DLC free as per shared access , just have to use ingame credits to buy them ( not real money just earnt credits)
the credits are easy to earn especially with forza rewards giving so many credits every week

Thanks for the info guys, I honestly wasn’t expecting a clear response.
In game credits are easy.

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