10 Skill Points Max?

I just did a drift around around the map, banked 5.4 Million and it only gave me 10 skill points, what’s the point in going for high skill points if there’s a limit of 10?


Pretty sure it was this way in FH4, too.


You could get a max of 999 skill points.

But only 10 in a single run.


The max amount of earned SP is 999, correct. But that is your total. The max you can gain from the points you make to get a skill point have been maxed at 10 for years. It would be too easy to go out for an hour gaining a massive skill XP point to boost points by hundreds, if not maxed and turn those points into wheel spins, cars, money, ect and dump the car and use what you made to redo all over again, thus milking the game for credits and everything else with minimum work.

This is like the equivalent of thinking you are going to become a millionaire overnight because you worked a double shift at a fast food job. Yeah, you worked really hard, but we can’t pay you overtime so here’s your regular check. This is why people will rather bank a score fast enough for 10 points then just go massive.

P.S. I have done the 5m+ chain before as well and no, it always gives 10 points.


I get what you mean now. So 10 points max no matter how long your skill chain is. I actually never noticed. I guess I wasted a lot of time with those skill chains in the millions then. lol So what’s the sweet spot for a skill chain just so I know for the future? I never kept track of how many thousnads it took for a point. be nice to not bother going over it so you could just stop and start another chain.

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50,000 skill score is a point so I target 500,000 total with the multiplier. For example with a 5x multiplier I try to bank at 100k or just under. Another way that I look at it is, once the multiplier is at it’s max I can let it bank early without missing out on points.


I suspect the limit of 10 points per combo may be a defence against glitches in earlier games where people were able to lock their controllers in certain situations and gain essentially unlimited points whilst being AFK.

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500K total points is correct. 50K x5 is the full 10 points and anything after that is just bragging rights really

Isn’t 50.000x5 just 250.000? Don’t you need 100.000x5 to get 500k?

75.000x7 is 525k so that would work as well if you got a 7x car

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50k = 1 skill point (or there abouts)
5.0 multiplier + 100k skill score = 10 skill points
6.0 multiplier + 83,500 skill score = 10 skill points
7.0 multiplier + 71,500 skill score = 10 skill points

Anything over that, as said, is just bragging rights.

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The Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn 1965 model has a 8.0 multiplier in its Mastery Tree. (I think this is the only FH5 vehicle with a x8 skills multiplier?)
You only require a 62.5k skill score with that vehicle.


How quickly does it build the skill score though? Some cars with high multipliers are slow to build skills…quite a few 5x cars outscore 7x ones because of their speed in building skills

It has a mastery skill multiplier that builds skill chains faster.

Thanks for clarifying. I haven’t used that car so wasn’t aware…sounds like I need to do some investigating to see how it compares to my Hoonigan RS200 (my go-to skill score car)

The ‘65 Hoonicorn is actually better than the ol’ faithful Hoonigan '86 RS200 in farming the skill points here.
With the classical station Eterna on in the background I was lucky enough to harvest skill pts during a classical piece lasting just over 6 minutes in which time I managed to get 4 lots of ten points, just starting the 4th/final run as the song was in it’s final 20 seconds.It’s much easier & quicker to master 62500 skill points with a maxed S2 (983) Hoonicorn '65. One can easily reach 62500 in this vehicle in under two minutes.90 seconds with a clean run. Definitely worthy of spending 25 mastery pts on the Hoonicorns extra-life option (bottom-right on the Mastery Tree) !
My favoured area for farming skill pts is the cactus area south of the pink Festival Site and north of Mulege. The Highway passes through the middle.

One you have the max mulitplier it makes no difference when you bank so I just let it bank when convenient then get on it again.

Anything over 500k is wasted, but anything under counts the full skill score so 280k + 280k = 11 skill points + 10k in the bank for the next chain.
On the highway I let it bank on the slow turns so consitently get 5 SP each way.

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It was the same in Forza Horizon 4. I learned early on in that game to bank 100k @ x5, or 50k @ x10 for a skill song.

FYI: Radio Eterna, which plays classical music, has the longest skill songs. I just banked around 35 skill points using the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento FE in a song that went for over 6 minutes.

If you don’t like classical music, but want the skill songs, then go to Settings>Audio and set the Radio Volume to zero (0). That way you still benefit the skill songs without having to listen to them.

Most the songs sound like people sucking sweets at the same time as singing.

Tell me about it…

… Stud. :oD