10 Millions Credits.

I have 10 million credits. I race s2 class. What car shall I go for? I currently driver k-one.

whichever car you desire

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i bought/ spent 10 million credits on wheel-spins once for a YT video. I also spent 8 million on a Shelby Daytona coupe. Other then that i really don’t have over 2-3 million credits.

Op is looking for car suggestions. And posted 10m because they can buy any car.

In S2 my favorites were:

Drove HE Huracan seems like forever and one of the aventadors

Havent been in that class for a while Used Ford GT a while back and centanario on HLC.

GET WHAT CAR YOU LIKE. (My favorites are cars I like and I’m pretty competitive in them when used what they are good at.)

Sesto Elemento you won in Forzathon

Buy 310 Yugos.

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If only it was in the game… I’d totally drive a bone stock Yugo GV.

Boxer Ben, we can’t tell you what to buy. Go for what speaks to you. Also, don’t be afraid to get a slow car. Sometimes, it is more challenging to drive a slow car fast than anything else.

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