1 vs 1 battles

Same rules a vdl !! This is for anyone looking to battle who doesn’t have a team

Send me a pm if interested

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could do with the pratice add me up L33ROY1993

Im down message me on live at iTurboYoda

If anyone wants to have a drift battle I will host as long you send me a message on xbox 360, (this is for recruitment for my club) my gamer tag is GT500 x wills x, I will tell you now that I only accept people that drift rwd cars.

I am not a bad drifter but I know how the drift battle scoring system works. there will be qualifying rounds(2, only if there if enough drifters in lobby). there will a quarter, semi and grand final.
the winner will get any of the battle cars that he/she chooses. I will do most tracks apart from dlc tracks.


total 100 per round ( 2 rounds)

x2 (2 corners)
15 points for speed
15 points for line ( getting clipping points and not dropping tires)
20 points for angle

send me the scores so i can total them and it will be one person at a time.

the battles are the same apart from if you overtake and pull that person wins.

Just WOW

@GT500 x wills x

I will be more than obliged to do some battles w/ you but there may be lag cos of dat Aussie connection. But I will give your battle scheme a try.