#1 tune in A788 '17 Raptor

As the title states I’ve virtually created a #1 tune (for now) at the Outback Coober Pedy Trail P2P layout. #1 time is 2:15.469 and I’m at a 2:15.536. I’ve hit a 15.1 before but I always mess up somewhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did a high 14 with a solid line.

Truck isn’t topped out in A class because I didn’t want to use turbos. I felt a supercharger would be better. This thing is pretty darn quick in the dirt and it really isn’t hard to get a second lead on #1 through the first half of the track.

Driving notes: ebrake before the second checkpoint. It’s much quicker. Ebraking on the last right hander on the highway works too.

File name: Coober Pedy #1

EDIT: hit #1 with a 2:15.068. Plenty of time to spare too. I botched the last 3 corners.


Choke. :wink::joy:

Decided to give the track a go in the same car, but built to A800. Ended up 2nd with just my basic setup with no tweaking to suit the track. You did a good job without the extra power but there’s plenty more potential in that thing.

Yea I saw what you and SatNiteEduardo did. Pretty awesome. Loving the truck usage and the opportunity to learn how to build these things faster.

Agreed that it needs more power after racing against teammate evos. I probably won’t get around to it. I like it’s drivability offroad.

And yea Chillz, I always choke on hotlaps. It’s my trademark! Bahaha.

I choke way too many times as well lol.

My usual trick is whenever I tap a wall and then finish my lap as a practice run I smash my time but when I know it counts my heart rate races, I get sweaty palms and end up a second or two slower lol