1 point short of Series 2 Aventador SVJ reward?

Looks like I’m 1 point short of the 200 points required to get the Series 2 Aventador SVJ. That is including 4 points from Forzathon daily challenges that haven’t unlocked yet. I believe I’ve done everything to date except for things that were bugged.

So far… 2 dailies and 1 treasure hunt were bugged so far. 2+3 = 5 points which were unattainable. So SVJ will be unlocked next week for us. (Next Thursday)

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So everyone is 1 point shy or is it just us?

I’ve got way more to go. I still need to push this week over the 50 mark, and then I should get it around the same time as when I get the Peel Trident next week.

So… are you bragging or something?


I got mine last night

You are very lucky, you are one of few people that has completed the summer treasure hunt.
The other players with the treasure hunt bug are all two points short at this time.

Means you’re still getting it this week with next two daily challenges.

There is 1 more week.

Those with only 1 bugged item get it in 2 days.


Man, wish I had online to even stand a chance at getting it.

You will have to wait additional 24h. That is not so terrible. Imagine those without gold…

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I only need two points now to get the SVJ and there are three daily challenges left this season and a whole one season (with mostly 60 points to get) at all. And I think it is not so much difference if you get the car on tuesday as I hopefully will, or on thursday after doing some of the new seasonal challenges…

My ego can survive getting it next week as I am 45 points short of it right now, maybe a little less than that. Treasure chest was buggered for me so even if I was racing to be the first I would not achieve that goal, good thing I’ve come to expect a broken game and don’t bother with being the first kid on the block to get the new shiny toy.