1 Hour Endurance Racing Series!

Classes from fastest to slowest.
Sundays 4pm CST It starts once the grid is full.
LMP1 997

2015 Porsche 919 Hybrid
2014 Audi R 18 E-Tron Quattro

Ford 955

2015 Ford and Chevrolet Daytona Prototypes

GTLM 865

All GTLM and GT3 cars except the Lamborghini because it’s AWD.

1 hour timed races. Damage is Simulation. Pit whenever you want. Tuning is allowed. You must have a sponsor and number. You can change your paint job from race to race if you want. As long as your sponsor and number is there. Your number must be double digits. You can use zero in the front. Once the first race starts you are stuck with that car. The grid is in order from fastest class to slowest. Grid in the buckets are random. Click the link to view the spreadsheet. It is constantly updated.

All grid orders are random unless we can do a qualifying session. Then obviously in that order. Points are all separated by 1. 8, 7, 6 etc. Message me if you’re interested. You must be consistant and have show me what your car looks like when it’s ready. I’ll need your sponsor and number.

Mikall NonSense #45 Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Pertamina/Tamiya TRF

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Thank you for your entry. We should race sometime. The car you said is not allowed.

Why not?

perhaps because the first post specifically says “All GTLM and GT3 cars except the Lamborghini because it’s AWD.”

Edit: Nevermind, it is RWD. My mistake.

that Lamborghini is RWD isn’t it ? its the unicorn one. I would recommend doing a parity test to ensure the lambo doesn’t swamp the field, we worked out +1 on the tyre width and 10% power handicap worked well

Edit: It is RWD. I wasn’t thinking clearly lol my apologies

Nah, it’s AWD even though sometimes I question it too lol that back end sure does like to come around! It’s not my series or my rules but I do agree that with some work it could probably be competitive with the rest of the field

/thread jack. Good luck with the series! Sounds like fun!

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Do you know when the races are going to happen (time/date)? I’ll get my lap-times for several tracks and then I’ll update w/ what car I’ll be using. I can tell you that I would like to be in the GTLM class, though.

Update: I’ll be using a #37 Redbull McLaren MP4-12C GT3 for the races.

I also don’t want to allow that one because I can’t test it and see if it’s fair to use. Better off not allowing it. Try something else?

The Huracan is RWD, i got The super trofeo, The Team forza lp610-4 is AWD, so i cam use it Right?

Full Upgraded R885

Full Upgrade without Valves and Motorblock R865

Just Brakes,Driveline and Tyres R846

Races will be held once they start every Sunday at 4pm CST. I’m not allowing any Lamborghini’s. I am sorry.

Ok, Bad Bad. I will take a Convette c7.3

Do you have a sponsor and number?

#45 Tamiya TRF / Pertamina

Livery is like this, i will do it for the Corvette as soon as possible.

So, just got The Livery finished

Sounds great! I’ll add you to the spreadsheet right now. Remember Sundays at 4pm CST when series is full of drivers.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to every race. Usually I’m eating dinner at round 4 CST (6 EST) and I’ve joined another group that races only a couple of hours later.

I’d be interested in this series as well if it wasn’t at the typical dinner time for us east coasters.

I need people to know that they can be there. If you truely think there is a good possibility you can’t make it please let me know you can’t do it so I can find someone else.

Yeah, as much as I want to be there I won’t be able to for a majority of the races. So I think I’m off the list.