1 car far in front of the pack, not only drivertars also normal ai

hey guys, everybody knows the problem of the drivertars, that there is one in front. we know that t10 is working on that. but i have the same problem with the normal ai, without the drivertars. when i do a showcase or free play race, the driver that starts on pole, even if it is an forza ai, is much faster then the rest of the cars. so it isnt only an drivertar issue like t10 says, it seems to be a problem with the whole ai. it happened in many of my races. i just did the prototype lemans showcase and the first driver just went of in the distance between him an me was 1,5 km. i was 2nd, but between him and the first ai after me (3rd place) was more then 2,5km in just 3 laps around lemans. that cant be good. i ran at expert ai btw. i have a strong feeling that the whole ai system in forza 6 isnt quite balanced.

pls know that this isnt a rant, i hope that t10 can do something with this.

I agree with you 100%. I was just talking about this to one of my buddies today. He was like “what the heck is up with that lone first place car being way out in front every race?”. I was thinking the same thing since day one.

Every single race has one AI way out in front that seems faster than any other AI car. It’s pretty much that same scenario every race I have been in. It doesn’t feel very dynamic, more rehearsed than anything. Hopefully they will address the predictable AI behavior with a patch or something. Something predictable like that can take away from the excitement of the race itself.

Maybe it’s because they don’t have to fight through a demolition derby on the first two laps of every race, where cars ahead of you slam on brakes in the straights and corner sideways? If I started in position 1 I don’t think any of the drivatars will come close to me after the first lap of free driving.

I don’t think this is the case. Although I haven’t played the full version of the game for myself yet (only the demo), I have read comments in which it’s said that the lap times of the drivatars are way faster than the top leaderboard times. That is not normal at all. And I can confirm that this problem is present in the demo as well. It is not the case of starting 1st, but the imposible pace these drivatars/AI set.