1/4 mile time too fast for stock?

I’m just curious here. I don’t know if this is a bit broken or if my life is a lie and I don’t know anything about cars or physics. I just put an Alfa 155 Q4 on the quarter mile. It’s bone stock. 187 hp and weighs 3064 lbs. I ran it and it ran like a 13.3! It appeared to like overboost when I launched it and it went way faster than I feel like it should’ve for that car and then after like the first 60 ft, acceleration went back to what I feel is normal for that car. A few other cars do this. Is it something wrong with the game? I feel like that is ludicrously fast for that car. And I made sure it was bone stock. Any ideas? Like I said, maybe I’ve been living a lie and have no idea about cars, but to me that seems a bit broken for a 3000 lb, sub 200hp car running low 13s… I’ve even read on forums after the fact mythat the real car runs like mid to high 15s. So something isn’t adding up to me lol.

Were you powershifting? Turbo cars can benefit immensely from that practice simply because they can keep boost constant instead of losing pressure on up shifts. In real life you can munch an engine keeping the gas pedal glued to the carpet while clutching in and shifting up but not so much in Forza. You can also rev right into the red in Forza with no worries of engine failure. I don’t know about you but if I drove a bone stock anything to the drag strip I would certainly be shifting up before the redline and also not pegging the throttle while shifting.

It’s also possible that those real life drag times are achieved with automatic transmissions? I’m sure not all Alfa Q4 cars were manuals.

Yes, cars accelerate too fast in Forza. Usually there’s three reasons.

  1. Drivetrain loss is not accurate enough. RWD and FWD cars in particular have too little drivetrain loss.

  2. Some cars don’t produce enough drag compared to their real life counterparts.

  3. Manual With Clutch is broken.

The easiest way to make the game more realistic is by looking up the real life times the adjusting the handicaps.