1/4 mile street drags!?!? CHALLENGE

So the mile airstrip sucks, noone likes running 19.1’s repeatedly in a Alfa 33 and having no other competition. I think this game REALLY needs Drag tires and a staging tree but since we don’t have that, like many others, my friends and I have resorted to 1/4 mile street racing. We are going to be doing some challenges. some all out “run what ya brung” and some with HP restrictions. Tonight 3/5/2015 We will be doing a 700hp and under RWD only event
If anyone is interested in joining up with the group and or our team for some King Of The Streets battles hit me up on xbox one GT: LoudCloud 33

hit me up dude STABBY OG im down to race any class of car

Count me in send me an invite later