1,000,000 Drivatar Credits badge/title

Anyone unlocked the badge or title yet and what does it say or look like

Might be another month or two before people who got the game at launch get the badge.

I average 3,500 credits a day and it would take roughly 286 days for me to get the badge. I don’t get on every day so it’ll probably take much longer for me.

I’d say mid to late July is when people should be getting badge assuming they got on the game every day and that there was a reward to collect. Good question though.

This is where my math has it as well I am on daily and sometime receive two payments in a day but still averaging around 3500 a day.

I’m a Day 1 driver and I’m on almost everyday. I don’t have it yet. My estimation has it around 300 days assuming it was working from day 1. I would say sometime in September we should see it.

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badges? badges? We don’t need no stinking badges …

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Great film, but from memory I believe they were referring to ‘bodges’. Bodges are commonly considered throwaway items, unlike the shiny goodness that is a ‘badge’.

You would think that for such a big achievement it would tell you how many more credits you need until you get the achievement or how many credits you have earned from the drivatar currently. Hopefully we actually get the achievement when we hit 1,000,000 credits, but seeing as the badges and titles are still screwed up when it doesn’t give them to you when it should I doubt it.